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Cedar Point

Cedar Point hosts a wide range of different activities, including guided hikes on our miles of walking trails, field trips for students, educational lectures inside our Visitor Center, fun water programs like guided kayak trips and kids’ fishing clinics, and even larger community events like our Earth Day Celebration and Haunted Halloween Festival!

The Cookie House

Cookie House 2.jpg

The Cookie House was a part of the Bass Biological Laboratory and Zoological Research Supply Facility Company established c. 1931 on New Point Comfort Road in Englewood. As the first full-time marine station on the Florida mainland, the laboratory’s mission was to promote scientific marine exploration in southwest Florida. The lab ceased operations in 1944 and the “Cookie House”, which served as lab and office of John Bass, was moved to Cedar Point Environmental Park in 2006.  Read more about this historic structure and why it is called "The Cookie House".

The Visitor Center

Cedar Point's Visitor Center was completely refurbished by Charlotte County in 2020-2021.  Stop in to see all the updates and the new additions, including displays and interactive educational materials.  Purchase some local honey, collect free maps and educational literature, identify shells with the Sea Shell Display, and visit the "Touch Table". Plenty of other displays depicting the local flora and fauna may be found here as well.   

To protect our wildlife, dogs are not permitted in the park. Please take only pictures and leave only footprints!

Cedar Point Visitors Center.jpg

American Eagles at Cedar Point

American Bald Eagles have nested in the Park since at least 1992! Every September, the eagles return to breed and raise their young.  By April, all are ready to fly to their summer homes and return once again the next fall.  A viewing tube along the trail allows for easy eagle watching.

And more....

Cedar Point also has guided walks, special event lecture programs, and a Native Plant Butterfly Garden with plants identified.  There is also an active Volunteer Water Monitoring program; if interested in participating, please contact them by calling 941-475-0769.  In addition, there are Seagrass Wading Adventures in Lemon Bay, kayak excursions, fishing clinics, and more.  Watch our online calendar for current activities.  Did we say we love volunteers?  If you have the time and the inclination, please join us!

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