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Adopt an Animal

Adopting one or more of our animal ambassadors provides you with an alternative way of supporting CHEC.


We aim to captivate animal lovers - adults and children alike - who come through our Caniff Visitors' Center. 


Please consider providing animal adoptions as gifts for birthdays, holidays, and as a unique way to provide environmental education via outreach opportunities at schools and through other CHEC programs and events.

A $25.00 adoption package includes the following:


  • Food and animal enclosure necessities

  • A CHEC sticker

  • A Certificate of Adoption

  • A photo of the selected animal friend

  • A "meet and greet".

Click on each of the images below to see them full-sized.   Find a link at the bottom of this page to the Animal Ambassador Adoption Form.  Thanks for your support!

AAA Henry.png
AAA Izra.png
AAA Tyrus.png
AAA Elon.png
AAA Isak.png
AAA Daisy.png
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