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We're Building a New Butterfly Enclosure!

An extremely dedicated, small core group of volunteers led by around-town gardener Debbie Spangler, is transforming our butterfly garden into a visual delight!  New plants arrive and grow and become butterfly incubators. The butterflies are everywhere!  It is a joy to behold.  Future plans call for the relocation of the garden to another spot on our grounds, where it will be under "cover", inside an enclosure, better able to propagate both flora and fauna.

We are fundraising for the enclosure and the maintenance and expansion of the butterfly garden.  CHEC will provide some of the funds, and we hope to "match" them with your generous donations. 


Fifty dollars will raise funds and buy a plaque, engraved with an inscription of your choice.  You may take the completed plaque with you, or have it installed inside the new enclosure for all to see. 


One hundred dollars will both raise funds and purchase a Butterfly Garden stepping stone, with or without an inscribed plaque.  Using various molds, we will pour, paint and decorate a stone in the shape and design of your choice.  Once completed, the stone belongs to you.  Alternatively, you may choose to have your butterfly stepping stone installed in the new butterfly enclosure.  A plaque can be installed in the middle of the stone or displayed inside the completed butterfly enclosure - as you wish.


Beauty will abound!  Please help us fund this worthy endeavor.  Click on the link below to order your stone or plaque today!

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